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Squishy Dogs 50mm More information Akční sleva do 31.8.2021  Skladem Squishy Dogs 50mm Balení: 600/100ks 9.88 7.90 -20%
Shimmees 50mm More information  Skladem Shimmees 50mm Balení: 400/100ks 9.90
Sticky Ocean Friends 50mm More information  Skladem Sticky Ocean Friends 50mm Balení: 400/100ks 9.90
Animal Bracelets 50 mm More information Akční sleva do 31.8.2021  Skladem Animal Bracelets 50 mm Balení: 400/100ks 9.88 7.90 -20%


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    Právě jsme naskladnili další várku automatů (Veleball, Velebox a Jumbo) a v následujících dnech budeme expedovat všechny předobjednávky. Automaty rychle mizí a…

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We are the bulk superstore from Czech Republic. We are dealing with mechanical machines and its charms. We stock a wide array of vending products ranging from the classic bubble gumball machine to huge vending machines for 90 mm cupsules.

At we sell both to the commercial vending route operator and the average consumer looking to have a gumball machine in their home.

As one of the leading european wholesalers of coin operated bulk vending machines we guarantee the best price in Europe. If you find better price, we guarantee to offer the same or better price.