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How to shop

How to shop
First please select the category of goods in which you are interested. The list of categories you can find on the left side of the web page. In mobile devices you can find the list of categories in the upper blue bar (icon of shop). For better results you can use the filters. To add any product to your shopping cart use the icon of the cart next to the selected product. To finish the order follow the instructions of the shopping cart page. For detail information about any product click on the name of the product.


You can switch the language in two ways. Firstly you can switch the language by clicking on the icon of the flag in the bottom bar. The second way is to select language from the menu next to the icon of the flag. The second way offer you more options of translate, but there might be some mistakes as the page is translated robotically. Mobile devices may change the language in the menu on the right side of the upper bar.

You can switch the currency by clicking on the currency icon in the bottom bar.
Mobile devices may switch the currency in the menu on the right side of the upper bar.