• Připravte se na sezónu!

    Právě jsme naskladnili další várku automatů (Veleball, Velebox a Jumbo) a v následujících dnech budeme expedovat všechny předobjednávky. Automaty rychle mizí a pokud chcete v následující sezóně oslovit zákazníky s novým automatem, je nejvyšší čas si jej objednat!
  • Best Price Guarantee

    As one of the leading european wholesalers of coin operated bulk vending machines we guarantee the best price in Europe. If you find better price, we guarantee to offer the same or better price.  
  • Register and get 5 % discount

    Register and get 5 % discount for all our products. As a registred user you will be also able to see the history of your orders and invoices. If you are a B2B partner please contact us at to get special quote.
  • New eshop

    You might notice that we moved to new eshop solution. Regarding the GDPR requirements we were not able to transfer the user accounts. It means that all users need to create a new account. We are sorry for complications. The new eshop allows users to see the history of orders and invoices. Also it support better B2B shopping experience, so if you are a business partner, do not hesitate to contact…
  • My first mechanical vending machine

    How much do I need to purchase my own mechanical vending machine? To purchase new mechanical vending machine including charm you need CZK 3500 (EUR 120). The used machines including charm it is possible to purchase for  CZK1000 (EUR 40). Which mechanical vending machine should I choose? There are two kinds of mechanical vending machines (counter machines and machines with stand) The…