My first mechanical vending machine

How much do I need to purchase my own mechanical vending machine?

  • To purchase new mechanical vending machine including charm you need CZK 3500 (EUR 120).
  • The used machines including charm it is possible to purchase for  CZK1000 (EUR 40).

Which mechanical vending machine should I choose?

  • There are two kinds of mechanical vending machines (counter machines and machines with stand)
  • The counter machines are smaller and they are usually used to vend gumballs, stickies, bouncing balls and capsules up to 32 mm. T
  • The machines with stands are more expensive and you can purchase them at about CZK 8000 (EUR 300) including charm. The higher purchasing price is compensated with much bigger marketability.
  • You can save money by purchasing a used machine. In this way you can save more than 50% of the price.

Which charm should I choose?

  • There are many kinds of charms and it is only up to you which you choose. You should consider to whom and where you are going to vend. Also you should consider the price and marketability of the cahrms to reach the highest profitability.
  • In vending machines there are traditionally vended stickies, bouncing balls, gumballs, nuts, rings, bracelets and other small toys wrapped in a capsules.
  • Currently the most marketable products are licensed products as Smurf, Hot wheels, Hello Kitty, Angry Birds, Minions, etc.

How long it will take to get my investment back?

  • The duration of the investment depends on many factors. At a good place you can sell your charm completly even over the night. On the other hand at a bad place it may stay for years. Usually we refill the charm every half-year.

Where to place my vending machine?

  • In general you should place your machine somewhere, where is a lot of people. To reach the best results you should place a poster with offered products on your machine. The machine must be seen and it will not reach as good results somewhere in the corner in a dark place as if it is next to the highway and well lighten. The machine should be clean!

Why to choose mechanical vending machines?

  • They work simply. They are reliable. They do not need electric energy. It is a good low-cost investment with a great profitability.

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